✨✨Celebrating ONE Year as a Full Time Business & an unexpected Nomination!! ✨✨

One year ago today I went full time in my photography business. My goal was to give it my very best for one full year to see if I could survive (mentally, financially and emotionally lol) being self- employed! This morning I woke up not only achieving that goal but I also found out that I was Nominated for Best Real Estate Photographer in Wicomico County for Coastal Style Magazine!! 🥹🥹 

🌿Whoever nominated me to begin with, thank you! That was such a surprise! The voting round has begun so if you could spare a moment to vote for me, for Best Real Estate Photographer in Wicomico County, I would greatly appreciate it! I will post the link below! 

🌿To my friends, family & bf- thank you so much for encouraging me to pursue this dream. You all have been on this roller coaster with me and have supported me through every twist and turn! 

🌿To my clients new & old- thank you so much for using me for your photography, for referring me to others, liking and sharing my social media content! I have loved meeting you all! Getting to photograph more families and newborns has been a wonderful experience! 

🌿My Realtors: you guys took a chance with me and I so so appreciate every single one of you who have used me for your listings and who have referred me to your coworkers! It means the world to me!

🌿& My Cousin/ Most Awesome Accountant: Thanks you so much for educating me ahead of time and all through this year on the reality of the financial side, taxes, etc of running a business full time!

It has been one heck of a year and I’ve learned so much! This upcoming year, I hope to continue to learn and grow more with my photography, to produce my very best work for my clients and hopefully deliver a great customer experience all around! 

🍾Cheers to One Year!! 🥂

✨✨Link to Vote: 👇🏻👇🏻